Control begins with letting go.

We can’t control how our gut responds to certain foods, but we can control what foods we eat. That’s where the Low FODMAP diet comes in. It’s an elimination diet that guides you in identifying foods to let go of, for a time, allowing you to identify which foods you can and cannot tolerate.

3 steps to a balanced gut:



Identify and cut out High FODMAP foods, replacing them with Low FODMAP foods. This phase typically lasts 2-6 weeks, or until you no longer experience symptoms. We recommend starting a Food Journal to track everything you eat during this phase.

Swap ZenGut™ for any High FODMAP foods in this phase.


Challenge Phase

Re-introduce foods back into your diet, one FODMAP group at a time, to determine which foods and FODMAPs trigger digestive stress and which do not.

This phase should be done under the care of a registered dietitian who can help you determine the amount of food to challenge in each of the different FODMAP groups.

The length of this stage varies for everyone. Some people may introduce many foods without an issue and move through the stage in a few weeks. Others may take longer, depending on how many foods trigger symptoms. Your Food Journal will become even more critical in this phase.

ZenGut™ can be enjoyed daily in this phase.


Custom Phase

It’s time to personalize the Low FODMAP diet to fit you as you reintroduce foods and FODMAPs that were tolerated well, restricting ONLY the foods and FODMAPs that preceded stomach stress.

ZenGut™ can be an everyday go-to in this phase, and in a variety of recipes.

For more information about the Low FODMAP diet and other great resources, visit My Nutrition Health and FODMAP Friendly.